Senior Citizen discriinated against in the Workplace


This separate suit against the city of Berkeley sets up the motivation of unwarranted future actions taken by city officials.

City targets Dr. Ghosh

The Discrimination Continues

More discrimination from the city of Berkeley towards Dr. Ghosh comes in the form of property seizures. Suspicious circumstances lead to the zeizing of Dr. Ghosh's properties, misappropriation of funds by the city meant to repair these properties, ending with the undervaluation and under-sale of the property to a development company.


10,000 reward for proof of similair injustice in america

10 years of injustice

Dr. Ghosh lost his house to the city, after complying with all requests for building improvements.

Mr. Frank Roesch handled this matter for more than 10 years. He could not resolve this situation, rather, created more problems. He sold Dr. Ghosh's property without Dr. Ghosh's signature. Mr. Roesch and the City of Berkeley collected 177,000 cash from Dr. Ghosh under judicial threat. On top of that, they collected an additional 200,000, including lean against property. Yet, the city receiver  sold the property for 265,000, instead of using already provided funds for repairing. 

Where is a competent commissioner for the Berkeley Superior Court that could resolve this same matter. Both of the cases against the city were dismissed by commissioner Rantz within 6 months, in early 2001.

Letters discussing The case


UC Berkeley Professor Testimony Supporting Dr. Ghosh

Dr. Felix Motzoi shares his experience with Dr. Ghosh's property seizure.


National Ombudsman Refers Case For High-Level Reveiw

Government Official Mandates A Closer Look Into the seizure of Dr. Ghosh's properties.

Charles H. Townes fights for Dr. Ghosh


Father of Lazers Petitions for Dr. Ghosh

Nobel Laureate in Physics and father of lazer technology appeals to the City of Berekelely on Dr. Ghosh's behalf.


Another letter from Charles H. Townes


Charles H. Townes Stands Against Injustice

Drawing of building



Berkeley superior court in early 2000 dismissed two building zoning violations cases against dr. ghosh at 1700 dwight way and 2507-09 mcgee ave. 

CAL EPA settled the case with Dr. Ghosh and the city of Berkeley took over the matter and began to retaliate. The city made two false cases against Ghosh at Berkeley superior court, zoning and building violations. Both cases were dismissed by the court after the judge inspected the site. The judge also made a settlement effort to resolve it permanently. The settlement drawing was prepared with the instruction of the commissioner, with consent from both parties involved. 

City rep zack cowen and mark rhodes (city manager) did not sign the document. 

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